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Paola Hernández is a NYC-based fashion designer, born in Mexico City. Her brand is focused on the expansion of consciousness and the importance of sustainability. Hernández tends to choose natural, biodegradable materials, and her pieces are usually made out of one single component—  which is easier to recycle, such as merino wool, cotton or silk. Quality is very important to create pieces that can last a lifetime or can even be passed on to future generations. Everything is designed in NYC and produced locally in the U.S, either in NYC or LA. 

Hernández’s main sources of inspiration are yoga, meditation, books, dance, and visual art. Prior to her career in fashion, Paola studied philosophy at Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City, followed by fashion at Central Saint Martin’s College of Art and Design in London. Each season, she creates a collection based on a specific concept which guides the choices of colors, materials, and artwork. In general, Paola Hernández likes collaborating with contemporary artists to create specific patterns for each collection.

This past year, as Hernández became a mother, a source of life, she started shedding everything that was unneeded in her life and nurturing everything that would help her grow and remain centered. As part of this process, as a fashion designer with ten years of experience, Hernández decided to focus on knitwear only. It has always been her favorite category to design, where she can translate her concepts and stories with clarity. This way she can go deep, creating unique sweaters, ponchos, cardigans, and other knits.


 "By remaining present, one can access the door to eternity, where everything happens in a time without boundaries, in an absolute time." 

For her first knitwear collection, Paola Hernandez presents FW19 "Constellation of Time" This collection is inspired by Gaëlle Dreyfus, and her ‘Constellation’ series of poems with embroidery. Among the poems, ‘Aqui y Ahora’ which translates to ‘Here and Now’ help mold Hernandez's collection and the idea of accessing eternity through being present in the moment.

For the show, Tiffany Rea-Fisher, the director and choreographer of Elisa Monte Dance company, created a choreography with dancers that is based on the idea of present as a door to eternity. It was important to highlight the design of each article of clothing. Through slow movements, the audience was able to observe the delicate details of the collection. Paola showcased 13 looks featuring quality materials, such as cotton and marino wool. All pieces were designed in NYC and produced either in NYC or LA. 


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