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Paola Hernández is an American fashion designer based in Brooklyn, New York, born and raised in Mexico City.
Paola studied philosophy at Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City, followed by fashion at Central Saint Martin's College of Art and Design in London.
Hernández’s main sources of inspiration are motherhood, yoga, meditation, knitting, weaving, philosophy, contemporary dance, and visual art.
“Fashion is the manifestation of collective consciousness in everyday life, always moving forward,” says Paola. "A garment is constantly evolving even after the design process is finished. The styling choices of the person wearing it give each piece a different interpretation each time."

Hernández photographs her collections using the architecture of Mexico City to compliment her aesthetic and honor her heritage. Her shows for New York Fashion Week embody the inspiration from each collection where Paola tells a story to evoke emotion in the audience. 

Her brand focuses on the expansion of consciousness and the importance of sustainability. Hernández tends to choose natural materials, and her pieces are usually made out of one single component, such as merino wool, cotton or silk. Quality is very important to create pieces that can last a lifetime or can even be passed on to future generations.
Everything is designed in Brooklyn, NY and produced in New York City, Los Angeles, Mexico and Italy.
Every full moon, she releases a new product based on a specific concept that guides the choices of colors, materials, shapes and artwork— sometimes collaborating with contemporary artists.

"By remaining present, one can access the door to eternity, where everything happens in a time and space without boundaries."